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Anthony Davis

Principal Physiotherapist

Tony Davis completed a degree in Physiotherapy in 1981 and commenced private practice in Dandenong in 1982. He studied postgraduate Sports Physiotherapy in 1984-1985 and opened Southern Rehabilitation & Sports Physiotherapy Centre in August 1987.

Since 1984, Tony has continued to work with the Victorian and Australian Gymnastics and been Victorian Gymnastics Team physiotherapist since 1985 and an Australian Gymnastic Team Physiotherapist since 1986.  He is also involved with elite Basketball, primarily at Dandenong Rangers.

From 1985 to 1990 he was the Australian Ski Team Physiotherapist and has also worked with National League Basketball. He brings the same commitment to all local sporting clubs he works with. This sporting involvement has taken Tony to 10 World Championships, 2 Commonwealth Games and 1 Olympics.

Of particular interest to Tony is the restoration of normal patterns of muscle activity to support and control joints and movements and how this relates to sport and general activities.  He combines this with other aspects of physiotherapy such as manual therapy and dry needling.

He has a family who occasionally see him for dinner and whilst his knees hold out he will continue to run and play indoor cricket. Tony is also an advocate for the health benefits of good wine.

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