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Hydrotherapy Pool

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is an exercise therapy program performed in a heated hydrotherapy pool.

SRSPC's hydrotherapy pool provides an environment of warmth and weightlessness. This is ideal for promoting relaxation and ease of movement, and assisting in relieving pain, joint stiffness and muscle tightness.

You do not need to be a swimmer to do hydrotherapy. Our pool has a shallow end and the head does not go underwater. All hydrotherapy equipment is provided. We use various resistance and flotation devices. The hydrotherapy pool is on site and there are women's and men's changerooms and showering facilities.

What conditions can a hydrotherapy help with?

  • Improve muscle strength and endurance

  • Improve range of movement

  • Reduce pain

  • Improve mobility and balance

  • Improve cardio-vascular and respiratory function

  • Encourage relaxation and relief of tension

  • Allow early rehabilitation following injury

  • Back pain and neck pain

  • Joint stiffness and arthritis

  • Chronic pain

  • Reduced general mobility and function

  • Sporting or work injuries

  • Following surgery

How do I begin hydrotherapy?

What do I need to do? 

You first need to be assessed by a physiotherapist to ensure your suitability for hydrotherapy and identify key problems and goals. Based on the specific needs an individual hydrotherapy program is then devised. A hydrotherapy program is then commenced either individually or in a group environment. 

Hydrotherapy Groups 

Supervised hydrotherapy with up to five people in the pool with a physiotherapist. Multiple classes run on different days of the week. Group hydrotherapy sessions run for 30 minutes. We also offer women's only groups. 

Individual Hydrotherapy 

Often after the individual has completed a group hydrotherapy program they can continue independently. The pool is available six days a week for individual hydrotherapy. The length of the program will depend on the individual's progress towards mutually determined goals.

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