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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, a science based profession, uses movement of the human body to assess the well being of individuals. Physiotherapy offers relief of pain and stiffness by treating the joint, nerve or muscle through mobilisation, manipulation, massage, exercise and hydrotherapy. Physiotherapy may also aid in respiratory conditions. 

Physiotherapy offers clinically proven results for the treatment of painful musculo-skeletal injuries, in addition to accurate assessment and diagnosis, and treatment techniques such as manual therapy, massage, postural/movement correction, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy.

At Southern Rehabilitation & Sports Physiotherapy Centre, our physiotherapists will teach you how to help yourself via a home-based exercise program. This allows you to continue to improve your symptoms whilst you are not in the clinic. Our physiotherapists help with treating pain and symptoms, but also the underlying causes to prevent recurrences.

Manipulative Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy


Manipulative Physiotherapy is a specialist area of physiotherapy focussing mainly on the care of the spine. It is a "hands on" type of treatment, which involves diagnosis, mobilisation/manipulation; muscle stretches; and muscle retraining and neural techniques to treat painful spinal conditions.

The Southern Rehabilitation & Sports Physiotherapy team understands the importance of general fitness and staying well. We understand that there are varying levels and skills of sportsmen and women. We treat your case individually as we appreciate your need to continue in your favourite sport.

So, from the elite athlete to the weekend enthusiast, sports injuries need to be treated swiftly to get you back on the field.

This is achieved by taking you through a correct treatment program, to restore strength, flexibility, and agility, reduce pain and to minimise the risk of further injury.

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