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Our hydrotherapy pool - exercising in comfort

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Heated to a warm 34°C, the onsite pool here at SRSPC runs hydrotherapy group sessions with our aquatic physiotherapists to create a program specific to your injury, your fitness level and to your existing rehab program. This pool, unlike public pools, is salt water based instead of chlorine based.

Warm, buoyant, safe and quiet - our pool and our aquatic physiotherapists are here to help you regain your strength, balance and mobility.

It's warm

At 33-34°C hydrotherapy pools are warm and gets the blood flowing. This may induce relaxation of tight muscles and aid in stiffness.

You're lightweight

Buoyancy of the water pushes your bodyweight up and makes you lighter.

At waist height in the water, you will only take 50% through your weight bearing joints . Exercise in the pool can be done with a large reduction in pressure in these joints.

It's safe

Our pool is quite shallow and features sturdy rails & ledges to hold.

For those with balance problems, exercise in the water can be more safe than land as the water can support you if you have a wobble. Our experienced physiotherapists will be close with you if you are nervous in the water.

It's quiet

As our hydrotherapy pool is inside the clinic, we ensure the pool is not crowded and there is adequate space to complete your rehab.

It's for... me?

Hydrotherapy is particularly helpful for those who find exercise on land too difficult or painful. Specific exercises from your physiotherapist can assist in improving your strength, fitness and balance in a comfortable, safe and buoyant environment. Aquatic exercise is a wonderful way to get your exercise program started safely and comfortably.

At SRPSC we see people in the pool with:

- Knee / hip osteoarthritis

- Joint replacements

- ACL reconstructions

- Shoulder issues

- Balance and mobility problems

- Lower back pain

- Generalised weakness and de-conditioning

- A difficulty with performing exercise on land

Where do we start?

Step 1: An initial land assessment - Let's get an idea

Call in at 9792 4238 to make an appointment in the rooms with an experienced physiotherapist to get an idea of your strength, mobility and balance levels and establish a baseline.

Step 2: An initial pool assessment - Try the pool in safe waters

A supervised session in the pool with an aquatic physiotherapist who will guide you through specific exercises with correct technique and adjustments for your body.

Step 3: Independent pool sessions - Get stronger

Once confident and comfortable - you will receive an individualised exercise program that you can complete in the clinic in your own time without supervision.

Step 4: Review and consolidate - Maintenance and advanced strengthening

As your strength levels improve in the pool, a review with your aquatic physiotherapist will help to continue to adjust your exercise program over time.


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