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Telehealth uses video calling to put you in front of our highly experienced physiotherapists without you leaving the safety and comfort of your home or work spaces. 


Our physios can effectively assess, diagnose and treat injuries online. 


With video conferencing, we can conduct an assessment and safely guide you through a series of tests to diagnose your condition or injury. 


We can then develop a personalised recovery and rehabilitation plan through exercise and movement through video. Through video calling we can educate and provide advice on self-treatment techniques to carry out on yourself.   

Can I access Telehealth? 

  • Clients covered under Medicare Enhanced Primary Care programs can bulk bill their session.

  • Clients with private health cover can expect a rebate from their private health provider on Telehealth services. 

  • Clients with TAC or Workcover or DVA claims may access Telehealth services with us. 

What do I need?

  • An e-mail 

  • A phone / computer / laptop with video capabilities 

How do I book? 

​Telehealth will be rolled out in the coming week. More information to come. 

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